Measures due to corona virus ( Covid-19 )

Dear partners, valued customers

On your journey with us, we’re committed to offer to you a most pleasant and carefree driving experience. After each trip, we throughout do clean our vehicles. All interior surfaces of our cars as well as child seats, seat belts, door handles, screens, charging connections and all brackets are deeply sanitized and disinfected. As a result of these precautions, you may notice some changes to your regular service, such as the removal of all printing and reading material from your back pockets, candies, water or beverage offerings that are not individually packaged or sealed. Wherever possible, we do limit the total physical material exchange between passengers and drivers to guarantee you the highest level of safety and protection.

COVID-19 will maybe change our lifestyles but not our goal. Committed to professional excellence and all the more in the current challenging times, you will find us standing next to you as your reliable, competent partner and service provider!

Be our welcome guest!

Andrea Giuri
Founder, Owner

COVID-19 Health and Protective Measures
Because your safety is our first priority!