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General terms and conditions GTC / Limousine rules

We attach high importance to keep our noble and elegant vehicles in a perfect, clean and undamaged condition at any time. All driving orders are accepted and carried out by 4you center Gmbh on the basis of the following conditions. All prices on price lists and / or brochures are non-binding, the prices in our offers are binding. By placing a driving order, the customer accepts these ones as well as our GTC in full range.

The following points / rules are an integral part of the order/contract.
4you center reserves the right to terminate the journey with immediate effect and without any reimbursement of costs in case of any violation and/or abuse of one and/or more of the following limousine rules.

The vehicles are always offered with chauffeur. Services as of driver compensation and fuel are always included in the agreed price. All our vehicles are insured in Switzerland, registered for professional passenger transport and equipped with a corresponding tachograph. All vehicles have seat belts for all customers. For legal and safety reasons, all customers are obliged to keep their seat bells fasten during and to the end of the journey. In case of any violation 4you center gmbh rejects any liability.

To ensure an agreeable driving atmosphere, all of our vehicles are kept completely smoke-free. Any smoking in the vehicles is strictly prohibited.

It is forbidden to place feets and/or shoes and/or to stretch out legs on the legs on the limousine’s drinks bar. Any taking and/or use of any kind of hallucinogenic and/or psychotropic substances and/or drugs that can also minimally lead to a changed perception of reality and/or to a physical or mental change of nature of one and/or more inmates/passenger is strictly prohibited and will be legally prosecuted. Furthermore, the consumption of any kind of food (e.g. chips, cakes, birthday cakes) as well as placing glasses on the seat cushions is prohibited; the glasses are either to be held in the hand or placed in the holder. Drunk guests are not allowed to enter the limousine and will not be driven. Animals are not allowed in the limousines. Cleaning costs for soiling, occurred during the journey (CHF 450.— – CHF 800.—) and/or any damages to the interior or exterior of the vehicle will be fully charged to the client. Same occurs for repair and vehicle replacement costs as well as an indemnification for further assignments which have not been performed due to the damage of the vehicle.

For the purpose of publication on social media channels, it may happen that film and/or image recordings are made during the journey. Please inform us explicitly if you don’t want that resp. you do not agree with. Unless further Information, the tacit consent applies.

Any stuck chewing gum found in the limousine or any other extravagant stains will be charged in full according to the cleaning and repair costs of the damaged area. If follow-up orders cannot be carried out due to the damage found, 4you center gmbh reserves the right to claim appropriate compensation. The client is liable for any damage caused inside or outside the limousine.

The price calculations are made based on the time spent and driven kilometers from the location of the booked limousine. Time Extensions are only possible after prior agreement and confirmation of 4you center gmbh. The end of the journey is time according to the order confirmation of 4you center gmbh.
The agreed flat rate includes the booked disposition time from the location of the limousine, the booked routes KM, fuel, Swiss VAT of 7.7% and a professional, trained and local chauffeur in a suit and tie. An additional flat rate of CHF 40.00 / hour applies for any assignments from midnight (12 p.m.) on to 8 a.m.

Motorway, tunnel and ferry fees incurred abroad are not included in the rental price and will be added according to the expenses.
Trips with driver overnight stays: Unless otherwise agreed, the costs for board and lodging for the chauffeur are borne by the client. Starting a journey time of 5 & 8 hours the chauffeur is entitled to one resp. 2 meal/meals. These expenses will be charged to the client.

In the event of force majeure (e.g. severe weather conditions) or unforeseen technical vehicle defects, as for safety reasons the vehicle will not be used. This will be communicated to the client as early as possible. In case of no availability of an corresponding vehicle in similar category, 4you center gmbh will reimburse all payments made by the client. 4you center gmbh assumes no responsibility for delays caused by a force of nature, traffic jams, breakdowns, incorrect pick-up or destination information or any situations that are beyond the control of 4you center gmbh.

The order can be canceled in writing within 10 days (email, letter). If there is no written cancellation by the customer, the amount mentioned is due for payment in favor of 4you center gmbh. A driving order can be canceled at any time, taking into account the cancellation conditions below:

  • >10 days before service: 0% / <10 days before service: 100% / No shows: 100%

The refund of the deposit is reserved in cases of force majeure.

With the order confirmation, the customer also receives the invoice. The payment term is 5 days before the service day or the amount must be credited by the specified date. If no payment is received within the payment period mentioned on the order confirmation, 4you center gmbh reserves the right to sublet the booked vehicle. The mentioned cancellation conditions apply. If the payment has not yet been made, the agreed fee must be handed over to the chauffeur in CASH in an envelope before the start of the journey. This type of payment requires the prior, written consent of 4you center gmbh. Additional drinks consumed during the journey must be paid in CASH after the end of the order according to the prices offered.

© 4you center gmbh. All copyrights and ancillary copyrights are reserved. The copying, editing or reproduction of one and / or more sections of text is prohibited. Violations will be prosecuted under civil and criminal law.

Place of jurisdiction: Headquarter / Location of the vehicles, Allschwil (Baselland).

For your safety & for an unforgettable driving experience

If you book a luxury limousine for your event (from us or from a fellow competitor), we highly recommend to you ensure that you also receive the vehicle you have booked. If in doubt, visit the limousine on site. Is the car effectively in the provider’s own fleet or is it a rented and / or brokered vehicle?
Manufacturer photos are often used to recruit customers, but these photos are far from the original sedans.

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